60cm Black Tempered Glass Slimline 4 Burner Gas Hob


A stylish built-in home appliance that matches elegance with the superior quality of gas cooking. Dewhot Slimline gas hobs are battery powered ignition appliances.


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  • Italian Piezzo burners
  • Flame ignition is battery operated
  • Extended battery box cable
  • Maximum and minimum heat adjustment
  • Flame failure safety device
  • Natural or LP Gas compatible
  • Dropped into counter design
  • Cut out template available online

Technical Specifications

Max gas pressure
2.8 kPa for LPG
Max gas pressure
2.0 kPa for NG
Max gas consumption
burner 1 - 1.0 kW
Max gas consumption
burner 2 - 1.75 kW
Max gas consumption
burner 3 - 1.75 kW
Max gas consumption
burner 4 - 4.0 kW
Max gas consumption
1.56 Kg / hour
Unit weight
10.6 Kg
Packaged weight
13.3 kg
Unit size
591 x 511 x 108 mm
Packaged size
745 x 655 x 192mm
Gas Type

DH4BSSF/NG Geyser Accessories